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Vivienne Westwood. Queen of Punk

ON LIBERTY fall winter 94 | 95

some shots from vivienne westwood’s runway show – cpd fashion fair düsseldorf

Most people destroy their personality with the clothes they wear.

Vivienne Westwood – cpd 1995

ON LIBERTY Autumn-Winter 1994/95
Emphasis on individual freedom, inspired by philosopher John Stuart Mill. Reset of modern proportions. Bum pads. Distortion of proportion. Championing the voluptuous female form. 

cited from viviennewestwood.com

Only anarchists are pretty

Vivienne Westwood

The only reason I’m in fashion is to destroy the word conformity.

Vivienne Westwood

Buy less, choose well, make it last

Vivienne Westwood

photographed on iconic Ilford Hp 5+
pushed to 3200 ISO
highspeed with wonderful cubic filmgrain
no autofokus, no image stabilization