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Solange Pessoa. Kunsthaus Bregenz

it’s all about: substances, simplicity, and the impact of things that for solange pessoa relate to the history of the earth and humanity

Bags – Bregenz version 1994 – 2023

It is a kind of great universal archive, diverse and infinite, which houses thick materialities physical and symbolic in a relationship between nature and culture.

Solange Pessoa remarks in conversation @kunsthausbregenz

ÓÓÓÓ 2023

The relational pieces – added to the bronzes – include many materials that KUB architect Peter Zumthor too had already worked with over years, such as skins, hair, feathers, wool, and grass. The animal, plant and human kingdoms co-habit a universe of their own.

Solange Pessoa

Miracéus 2004 – 2023

I think, Miracéus is something close to devotional sculptures, with a cult, mythical, and ritualistic dimension.

Solange Pessoa says.

Animism and the myth of creation is always present in my work

Solange Pessoa

Spaces are very important to me in terms of their relationship with perception, the body, the senses, scale, memories… I think of space as a living, active and reflective element, fluid and with multiple meanings.

Solange Pessoa